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Discover a better way to plan out your website to make sure it’s working hard for you in the background.

Introducing: The Website with Purpose Method: A Quick-Planning Workshop

I’ll show you exactly how to:

✅ Define what you want your website to do

✅ Discover what your target audience wants – and how to reach them.

✅ Choose the best type of website for your business

✅ Keep in mind the function of each page as you decide on your content strategy

✅ Appeal to your audience right away with a  quick and dirty guide to value propositions

✅ Start tracking basic metrics so you know what’s working.

You’ll also get:

🎁 Uncover Your Website Purpose Workbook

🎁 Website Planning Blueprint

🎁 Website Conversion Toolkit


New date 24th July – 
Join me live on Zoom at 3 PM BST / 10 AM EDT / 7.00 AM PDT

Replays and resources will be sent out immediately after.

Secure your seat for only $4.99 now!