Sort Some SEO

Sort Some SEO


The back-to-basics SEO training that includes over-the-shoulder examples and implementation to get you started with your on-page SEO.

No 12-part course you have to dedicate a week to.

Zero fluff.

Just the info and guidance to finally get started with SEO so you can:

👍 Learn how to set reasonable goals, and develop a new mindset around SEO

👍 Discover the best tools for the job and create your first list of starter keywords

👍 Grasp the absolute basic SEO terms and how to “read” keyword stats

👍 Choose your keywords and discover the best way to incorporate them into your webpages, metadata and blogs.

👍 Learn by doing – and feel confident in using simple on-page SEO for your business.

Transition from “Ugh, I should use SEO” to “I know I’ve optimised that page – and I can do it again!”

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